or GUTS. whatever you would want to refer to me as.

i am just a person, or guy around the age of 13-15. spending my time creating this website or idfk crying my eyes out at best.

born on the day of May 17th, the day minecraft (JAVA EDITION) was released! i think. getting more personal here uhhhh i use both He/Him + They/Them pronouns, whatever that means.

i also like things that are:

pokemon, coding (obviously), Lethal League (Blaze), horror shit like puppet combo/PS type stuff??, only a few of the works by Nokuto Koite.

but on the topic of Nokuto Koite, the fuckign manga that I read are:

Chainsaw Man(by Tatsuki Fujimoto), Shibatarian(by Katsuya Iwamuro), and last but not least, Mushroom(by Nokuto Koite).

that's just fucking it man, ask me about my socials

quite the about me, am i right ??

anyways im gonna need you to gtfo